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DTU Global is mainly committed to integrating Data resources, optimizing and upgrading Data collection. Based on massive amounts of data flow and the fusion, through to the personal data collection, such as id card number, face, nationality, id, phone number, work conditions, such as intelligent decision-making tools and services for brand enterprise.

Engine main business scope is divided into data acquisition, data resources, such as graphic database module, with independent research and development of data acquisition and evaluation system, supplemented by comprehensive professional technology support, visually presents the huge amounts of data, realize the data resources in the box, namely scenario for big data applications, all channels to enhance business value, service in all walks of life to lay the solid foundation.

At the same time, our Data acquisition with Data selection, processing, export basic application, the system also has the functions such as comprehensive collection, stable storage and rapid retrieval characteristics, huge amounts of rich Data types, stable and accurate Data system, real-time acquisition timely present strong effect, for the Bryantech business provides a professional and stable commercial value of Data and efficient user experience.


DTU Global主要致力于整合数据资源,进行数据采集的优化与升级。基于海量级数据的流通和融合,通过对个人的数据采集,如身份证号码、人脸、国籍、身份、电话号码、工作情况等,为品牌企业提供智能决策工具与服务。


同时,DTU Global的数据采集拥有数据筛选、处理、导出的基本应用之外,系统也具有全面采集、稳定存储、快速检索等功能特点,海量丰富的数据类型、稳定准确的数据系统、实时采集及时呈现的强大功效,都为DTU Global的业务提供了专业而稳固的数据商业价值和用户高效体验。

Big Data Acquisition 数据海量

DTU Global system is a powerful big Data fusion. The analysis and visualisation platform adopts independently developed data acquisition system to support the development of operational intelligent platform.


API Service API服务

Collected at home and abroad application development the Android/IOS API and SDK, involves the design, development, operations management, cloud services, app promotion, five categories of services such as data service, provide the most comprehensive, the most convenient API search service.

汇集了国内外应用开发所需的Android/IOS API 和SDK,涉及到设计开发、运维管理、云服务、app推广、数据服务等5个范畴的服务,提供最全面,最便捷的API搜索服务。

Big Data Resources 数据资源

As the assets of enterprises, how to use data will be the core issue, DTU on the target Data source of the custom network information collection, extraction, mining, processing, for all kinds of information service system to provide the Data input, services to domestic and foreign companies, large Data processing ability, multi-threaded concurrent, artificial intelligence study, task automation.

数据本身作为企业的资产,如何运用起来将是核心议题。Uber Data针对定制的目标数据源进行网络信息的采集、提取、挖掘、处理,从而为各种信息服务系统提供数据输入,服务于国内外多家企业,具备大数据处理能力,多线程并发、人工智能学习、任务自动化等能力。

Big Data Analysis 大数据分析

User options can be found through a series of analysis of complex connection and explore the various relationships in the data, including the graphic visualisation, the full text search, dynamic histogram, interactive geographic space view and share real-time collaborative work space. Bryantech system can be specialised in Internet Data capture, processing, analysis and mining.

用户通过一系列分析选项可发现复杂的连接并探索其数据中的各种关系,包括图形可视化、全文多面搜索、动态直方图、交互式地理空间视图和实时共享的协作工作空间。Uber Data系统可以专业针对互联网数据抓取、处理、分析,挖掘。

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